Are you a Universist?

Universists are individuals who allow our personal philosophy to continue evolving. We are uplifted by a continuous search for meaning in a complex universe that deserves our unbounded vision and appreciation. Universism posits that religious philosophy should not be conceived in terms of one's views toward God, but rather the method and attitude with which one approaches religious questions. Universists embrace the creative force of uncertainty, which is fundamental to human progress. We determine our meaning and purpose individually; our understanding comes through personal reason and experience. Our universe is a beautiful constellation of ideas whose light is threatened only by the black hole of faith.

...If you agree with this statement, you've just found a word to use the next time you're asked about your beliefs. Spread the word: UNIVERSIST.

Universism was once represented by an active organization called the Universist Movement that existed from 2003-2006. Information about it is contained in the Internet Archive. Some interesting pages include news, full faq, short faq, mission, introduction, media and about. There's a CNN feature story here, and promotional videos here and here. Also of note, Richard Dawkins used Universist Movement research into evangelical Christian interpretations of hurricane Katrina in his book, The God Delusion, which was published in October 2006.

Though the organization no longer exists, this archival web page exists to help represent a word many people find useful. Check out the links above and consider: are you Universist?